People gathered
on a spring afternoon, for a funeral.
Sheltered from the baking sun,
I waited as mourners settled
into their seats on the lush
green grass. I felt
as though I were waiting
for a bus as I stared
at my father’s coffin.

© Josslyn Rae Turner

For Quadrille Monday at dVerse.


Dark clouds
Hang over me
Blank eyes stare
Nothingness all around

My body numb
As if I’m not here at all
Tears are buried
Too deep

I could let it
Take me now
But the human part
Pulls me forward

I stay—
For them

©Josslyn Rae Turner

Written for Quadrille #18 at dVerse: Poet’s Pub. This week’s prompt is to write a quadrille (44 words) using any form of the word cloud.