The Forgotten Sky


Up here, the moon is so close, so bright. The sky, black as pitch, except for the stars, and oh, there’s Jupiter accompanying the moon. And over there is Mars and Saturn-only white dots in the vastness of space. Through the telescope, you could see the moon’s craters like acne scars. We hoped to see the planets with the same vivid details, but they were still dots. Except Saturn. It was a dot with a ring!

For a moment, I looked up at the sky with my naked eyes. I realized that I don’t do that very often. Sometimes, I don’t even pay attention to what’s up above. I realized what I’ve been missing. Now, I was lost under the beauty of the night sky. Then I hear my son.

“Can we go now?”


crescent moon so bright
night sky painted by the stars
like sprinkles of dust

©Josslyn Rae Turner
Photo from 

Written for this week’s Haibun Monday at dVerse: Poet’s Pub. We’re writing about the night sky.

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