Autumn Is Near


It’s that time of year
Autumn is near
Kids back in school
And adults too

Walk with a lover
Talk about everything
Or nothing
Just share the moment

Heat wave’s gone
Now are the winds
And dying leaves
A photographer’s dream
And poet’s too

©Josslyn Rae Turner
©Krisztina Felix


This is a Quadrille written for Quadrille Monday at dVerse – Poets Pub. Today’s word prompt is leaves.

“Use it as a noun. Tree leaves. Leaves of paper.
Use it as a verb (he leaves, she leaves.) As a verb, you can lop off the “s” and change it to singular if needed (I leave, you leave.) But don’t use “leaf.” That’s cheating.😉” – De Jackson.

Here’s how to Q44 with us:
Write a poem on your blog in exactly 44 words (excluding title) where at least one of the words is leaves, and link your poem back to dVerse. Visit and get inspired by the other poets. Have fun and remember to come back throughout the week to check out if there are any new entries. We will select one of the poems to be included in our upcoming anthology, and if you are selected we will contact you to get your acceptance.

21 thoughts on “Autumn Is Near

  1. Josslyn, my favorite thing about this piece is that “dying leaves” can have two meanings…dying as adjective to describe leaves, as in those that fade in fall. Or dying as noun, doing the leaving itself, and leaving behind “A photographer’s dream/And poet’s too.”


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  2. I like how this poem speaks to that short period of change/adjustment of the seasons, but also in family priorities and duties.. the colors it conjures, the changes. All the things that were written between the lines.

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