New Romance


It was the Summer of now. Most romantic of all those passed. Before setting eyes on her, I first fell for her words and wisdom. I only had a glimpse through Facebook posts and pictures with a New Zealand backdrop. For months, I waited. I waited for her to return to California, close to me. When I finally looked into those green eyes, I knew we had something. The first kiss was something too. And we kissed a lot.

But the physical attraction is only part of a thousand-piece puzzle. There is so much to learn, so many experiences we’ll share. Though, sometimes, I fear this romance is too good, and will slip away before it can really begin. I’ve travelled to her only twice in July. We spent hours talking, getting to know each other’s quirks and strange opinions. With a passionate heart, she is always learning, and teaching others. I’m left wanting to know more. After night fell, I wonder if she knew how much it killed me to leave her. Three hours between us, but it seems like oceans apart.


California heat
Kisses from a thousand roses
New romance fleeting?

©Josslyn Rae Turner
Photo from

A haibun for Haibun Monday: A Little Romance at dVerse. This is a true story, and hopefully it’s not over.


41 thoughts on “New Romance

  1. Hi. Hello. I just started my new blog, and obviously, I’m having a hard time editing my page, I am new to all these stuff so I hope that you can show me the ropes, and hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it, I read all your recent blogs and I gotta say, you are one hell of a writer, and that really amazes me because, I am an aspiring writer as well, I am not that good but I am learning everyday, and I would really like it if people would share how they think of my writings, or to be able to have an audience and make people appreciate that it’s okay to be weird and different. i hope that we can be friends and learn from each other. Thank you!

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