Fear of a Violent End


Lungs blackened by smoke
Screams of terror and agony
Burned to a crisp
Fear of a violent end

Trapped in the car
No way out
Dark water rushes in

Falling, falling
The ground so far below
Beautiful peace surrounds
My ultimate end

Gun to the face
Staring into the eyes of hate
Before the bullet meets my skull
Fear of a violent end

©Josslyn Rae Turner
Photo ©Kirsty Forsberg

Fear is the theme for Tuesday Poetics at dVerse.

28 thoughts on “Fear of a Violent End

  1. This is a great topic to have tackled. I have the same concerns, but for my children/husband rather than myself. I’m always afraid something bad might happen to someone I care about.

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  2. This is powerful as you bring us face to face with each horrific ending. I fear the second one every time I’m a passenger on a busy highway. Thanks for joining in, Josslyn. 🙂

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  3. Yep! In my sleep… at the age of ninety-something. Senility wouldn’t be a bad add-on. Dark poem, Josslyn! Well in keeping with the theme/prompt! Staccato urgency in the poem… catches the breath. Great!

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