Today for Song-Lyric Sunday, we’re sharing our favorite love songs. I don’t really have a favorite love song; there are so many. As I mentioned last week, I do like pop music, and we all know there are tons of love songs in that genre. But to keep it Metal, I chose Judas Priest’s Fever.

This song speaks to me on a personal level because I was in kind of a depression a few months ago. I found myself struggling to cope with life and its setbacks. Thankfully, I began to come out of the darkness, and just recently I met someone very special. She reminds me that life can bring you all possibilities if you go out and look for them, and fight for them. I dedicate this song to her. She is my light.

I’d spend my days alone
I used to stay at home
Lost in seclusion there
Like I was in a cell

A captured heart as well
Surrounded by despair
Darkness filled my soul
Losing all control

Down on the streets below
Bright city lights would glow
The energy would rise
And through the heat I’d gaze
Still counting empty days
With fire in my eyes
Living through this hell
Can I break the spell

Fever – You set my soul on fire
Fever – You fill me with desire
Fever – You always get it right
Fever – All day and all night

Then one night as I walked
I heard your body talk
I saw a shooting star
In some magnetic trance
Our beating hearts would dance
And crash down from afar

Oh how strange fate is
Never dreamed of this

So destiny has brought us
Oh so close together
We were like angels in the night

Living the dream
At last I’ll be with you forever
And all at once it feels so right

Lyrics from DarkLyrics.com

Judas Priest are:

Rob Halford: Lead Vocals
Glenn Tipton: Lead Guitars
K.K. Downing: Lead Guitars
Ian Hill: Bass Guitar
Dave Holland: Drums



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