Lost In The Moment


A Collaboration

Amidst the beauty of nature
We walked side by side
A spark of passion
When you took my hand

Lost in the moment
Found in your eyes
A stolen kiss
When you took me by surprise

No longer could I wait
To feel you in my arms
Lost in your essence
When you offered me more

The scene fell away
My arms held you close
Two hearts beat as one
When possibilities unfold

Lost in your eyes
I could only think of you
Wanting this moment to last forever
When the day was near it’s end

From dawn ’til dusk
A splendid adventure
Anticipation to sweet embrace
No goodbye, I’ll see you again

©Josslyn Rae Turner
©Dawn Chance
©Josslyn Rae Turner

This is my first collaboration with Dawn (italics) of Living In Motion. Thank you, Dawn, for lending your pen for this passionate piece. Please follow her new blog. Lately, she’s been a bit busy to post regularly, but will return shortly.


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