Scented Memories


So strange is the power of scent
It can trigger memories of long ago,
or those hidden away
Never meant to be uncovered

The scent of mint takes me back
To a childhood friend
Playing in the backyard

Simmering garlic
Takes me to Mom’s kitchen
It’s dinnertime!

Freshly mowed grass in summer heat
The child struggling with the mower
Dad is following behind

Sawdust and gasoline
Watching him cut firewood
From the Chevy’s tailgate

Ice cold beer on one’s breath
My dad and his brother
Shooting the breeze

I hear his slurred words
And he’s lying
On the bathroom floor

Smoke from a smoldering cigarette
I try to block out my father’s shouts
And my mother’s cries

Every scent can trigger
Memories of long ago
Some bitter
Some sad
Some blissful

©Josslyn Rae Turner
©Elizabeth Donoghue
For Poetics: Empire of Scents at dVerse.







34 thoughts on “Scented Memories

  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing! It’s amazing how a smell can evoke such intense memories, strong enough to send you flying back in time. The smell of french lavender returns me to the outdoor market in Paris; where a vendor sells lavender wrapped in brightly coloured bits of fabric from Provence.

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