Before Dawn


This feeling
Twisting, turning

It is a sinful bliss
My heart becomes glass
Handle with care

This feeling
Rose before dawn
Sleep is forbidden

It inspires a language
I didn’t know existed
Within me

This feeling
Needs to be released
Proceed with caution

©Josslyn Rae Turner
©Nebojsa Mladjenovic
Another Quadrille for dVerse. This week’s word prompt is rose. So far, the Quadrille is my favorite form because it forces you to say more with less words, making the piece more beautiful and more powerful.


25 thoughts on “Before Dawn

  1. I agree with what you say about the quadrille. I wrote my first one yesterday, and it had the effect you mention. In the process of removing words, I found more meaning. From whimsygizmo’s comment and your reply, it seems the same happened with you.

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  2. Sensual, that was the word I was looking for to describe your piece. There is excitement and a some uneasiness communicated by your piece.
    I agree with what you said about the quadrille. It makes you budget your words and choose wisely. 😊

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  3. “Sinful bliss”….now just what could that possibly be? Yes, there is a feeling of urgent unrest in this. I hope there is some release and that no one gets harmed while doing so! Really enjoyed this.

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