Love I Declare


Is it too soon to declare love?
Would you be scared if I told you?
All I want is the most in life
And with you, I want to share every single moment

My heart is full, and needs a release
I’ve been waiting in the dark with this ache
To find a deserving soul to fill with my love
Is this my weakness, am I just a fool?

I will travel for hours to reach you
And when I look into your eyes I will see a flicker
Of promise and hope not seen before
When I feel you in my arms, I won’t let go

© Josslyn Rae Turner
© Angela Marie Henriette

In response to the word prompt, companion.



9 thoughts on “Love I Declare

      1. I’m not sorry for having had the experience. I think things that hurt help us become just as surely as things that make us happy. It’s all part of life. And when I’d finally had enough of that kind of hurt — when I’d finally learned that lesson — I never had to do it again. But the memories of those times, as you’ve so beautifully reminded me, help me connect with others who have felt the same thing. I feel the kinship. Thank you, Josslyn!

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  1. “I will travel for hours to reach you”
    I like that very much 🙂
    And no, it’s never too soon of too late. Love doesn’t understand the concepts of time and space. Beautiful, Joss! Wishing you lots of love

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