Shapes Without Meaning


The night sleeps
As I fight to stay awake
The show playing on the flat screen
Inspiration fails me

I turn to another screen
Words become only shapes
Without meaning
My mind fails me

I turn to pen and paper
Making my own shapes
Perhaps to find meaning
In this stale existence

© Josslyn Rae Turner
© Sippanont Samchai

This is my first attempt at a meter poem, though I’m sure I’ve written them often without knowing it. This one is a dimeter, which is described as having two feet per line. Go to dVerse to learn more about this interesting form.


26 thoughts on “Shapes Without Meaning

  1. I love the way the alternating rhythm gives the poem a lilt that defies rhyme – head nodding and pulling up again – the only way to win is to put pen to paper – I know the feeling 🙂

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  2. Your form seemed fine, & like you, I suspect that most of us, after reading & writing poetry for eons, use iambs of all the variety, di/ tri & all the rest. Somehow I avoid the conundrum you describe here–I have thousands of movies to watch from my own collection, & my photography keeps my juices flowing, as FB & Twitter eat up hours with surfing.

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  3. Whatever the reason, continue to plod along! You will break free – I’ve been there. I found my voice in the words of others. A line or phrase from a master work of poetry usually sparks my muse. Never refuse the help of others, Rosslyn.

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