The Timekeeper

FF Prompt 7

Charlotte had experienced more than this stone cottage where she’d lived for generations. While her physical body remained, her mind traveled elsewhere. She went to different periods in time. She saved and she killed.

Now she would give another poor soul a chance to make things right. The candle glowed in the window. It was only a matter of time when someone would come to her door. She would offer them a trinket; a tea cup or locket. Then they’d make the same choice; to save or to kill.

Holding a timepiece, Charlotte smiled when she heard the first knock.

Word Count: 100
© Josslyn Rae Turner
Photo © Piya Singh

Part of the Friday Fictioneers Challenge. Click on the link below to read more stories and feel free to join in.

* note: This idea came to me long ago. I received a rejection letter after sending my short story to a magazine. In the letter, the editor suggested that I focus on the old lady in the story. Well, that’s what I did here.

32 thoughts on “The Timekeeper

  1. This is great, so many possibilities. Who’s her boss, who gave her that power she now passes on? Will this only work for people who have to make amends for something, or will an innocent person be lured into this, and, and… very imaginative and intriguing.


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