This is my first collaboration with Nandita (italics) of Manan Unleashed and Manan Chained. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with her on this beautiful piece.

It seems like ages
I’m still searching
Searching for you
To feed my hollow heart

I lie in darkness
Dying to be found
This wretchedness
Feeds on my salvation

So close I have come
Yet blinded by the nothingness
That surrounds you
Have I lost hope?

Hope has never been a friend
Only leaving me in distress
Don’t let me languish in the night
Else, I’ll fade away before the light

Must I hold on awhile longer?
For my desperate heart
Pushes you further
Into the dark

Here, I reach out my hand
Ghostly white
Won’t you take it?
Before the night swallows me whole

My dreams consist of only you
And through shadows I will fight
To bring you the splendor
Of my light

Take me then into your light
What’s left of me, no more fight
It’s not much, but it’s all I got
Make me yours, reclaim my soul

Through this hell on earth
I vow to walk with you
And leave my demons behind
For our love is immortal

© Josslyn Rae Turner
© Nandita
Photo © marijs






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