The pen slides across the page
Black ink bleeds on white
Forming words at the speed
Of my own thoughts
Telling stories of truth
And fiction

This is a passion
Burning within me
Since the age of fourteen

Yet the fire was contained
By the absence of self-assurance
The absence of persuasion

Nearly forty years
I can feel the fire
Burning again

Yet I fear the day
When these words may cease
So I write them all down
Hoping they make some kind of sense

I write from the pain
Releasing it from my heart
And out to the world

© Josslyn Rae Turner

I want to dedicate this poem to all my readers. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a month since I came back to this blog after a six month hiatus. I actually considered giving up and deleting the first posts that I put on here. I’ve also had some doubts about the novel that I’ve been working on and not working on for four years. Writing this blog and receiving your supportive feedback has given me back confidence in myself. I’m also inspired by all the talented writers in the WordPress community. Thank you so much!



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