A List For Writers

Today’s word prompts are street and precious, but neither give me any spark. A few days ago I posted a poem that was inspired by the word clarity. So far that’s the only word that clicked with me.

Determined to find something that spoke to me, I turned to the search engines. I was given words like hydrant, ragtag, thereabout (who uses that?), and tromp (huh?). Come on, give me something dark and mysterious. There! Dark and mysterious. Now we’re getting somewhere.

How about these words:

  1. Grave
  2. Whisper
  3. Ghost
  4. Scream
  5. Desire
  6. Night
  7. Cold
  8. Gothic
  9. Decay
  10. Fall
  11. Wind
  12. Mist
  13. Rain
  14. Eyes
  15. Fear
  16. Heart
  17. Murder
  18. Evil
  19. Knife
  20. Afraid
  21. Lost
  22. Dead
  23. House
  24. Sleep
  25. Nightmare
  26. Dream
  27. Horror
  28. Monster
  29. Child
  30. Doll
  31. Dress
  32. Black
  33. Red
  34. Gray
  35. Storm
  36. Face
  37. Vampire
  38. Blood
  39. Terror
  40. Silence
  41. Creepy
  42. Rage
  43. Lust
  44. Agony
  45. Forest
  46. Flesh
  47. Skull
  48. Bones
  49. Remains
  50. Frozen

These are just some of the words that bring a rise in my imagination. You might think that’s morbid or demented, but what can I say? I’m attracted to the dark side of storytelling.


© Josslyn Rae Turner
Photographer Unknown


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