The needle bites
Injecting ink into my flesh
The pain, at first bearable
But the needle finds that tender spot

Fire rages under my skin
My eyes clamp shut
My body starts to shrivel
I want to escape, to hide

The needle pauses
Bringing instant relief from the torture
Yet it returns
Continuing its assault on my flesh

Oh, please stop this madness!

Another hour passes
I see the shapes and colors on my arm
The beautiful image brings a smile
to my lips

The artist cleans my wounds
Becoming a savior to my flesh
I will return for more

© Josslyn Rae Turner
Photographer Unknown







2 thoughts on “Flesh and Ink

  1. Poignant piece of poetry, JosslynRaeTurner! Would you be interested in writing a page of poetry for Girl Poems? I’m looking for some unexpected darkness to include in the book and I think like your contribution would help enhance the work. I feel like you’re a writer that would understand the sarcastic aspect behind the “Girl” in Girl Poems. If you’re interested you can email me at Let me know, thanks!


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